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10 Outdated Plant Trends, According to Designers

Monstera Deliciosa:

Mix chunks of your favorite fruits like pineapple, mango, and strawberries on skewers for a sweet and refreshing treat.

Succulent Overload:

The trend of filling every available space with succulents has waned, with designers preferring more diverse plant selections.


Terrariums were once a trendy way to display plants, but they have fallen out of favor in favor of more open and airy plant arrangements.

Fake Plants:

While fake plants were once used to add greenery to spaces where real plants wouldn't thrive, designers now prefer the real thing for a more authentic look.

Cactus Craziness:

Cacti were once a popular choice for their low maintenance, but they are now seen as a bit cliché and are being replaced by more unique plant varieties.

Mismatched Pots:

The trend of using a mix of different pots and containers for plants has fallen out of favor, with designers now preferring a more cohesive look.

Indoor Trees:

While indoor trees like the rubber plant were once popular, designers are now opting for smaller, more manageable plants that are easier to care for.

Plant Walls:

While green walls were once a popular way to add a lush, living element to interiors, they are now seen as excessive and are being replaced by more subtle plant.

Fiddle Leaf:

The fiddle leaf fig, once a staple in modern interiors, has become less popular due to its finicky nature and susceptibility to pests.

Plant Hangers:

While macramé plant hangers had a moment, they are now seen as dated and are being replaced by sleeker, more modern plant stands.