ONEIDA (A to Ch)

Accent (Stainless, Glossy)Accord Frosted (Stainless, Satin Handle /w Glossy Band)Act 1 (Stainless, Glossy)
Act 2 (Stainless, Satin)Adalyn (Stainless, 18/10, Glossy)Adam (Silverplate, 1917)
Adelphi (Silverplate, Glossy, 1920)Affection (Silverplate, 1960)Affection (Stainless, Glossy, West Bend)
Alexis (Stainless, Glossy)Allegiance (Stainless, Satin)Alouette (Silverplate, 1881 Rogers, 1978)
Amaryllis (Stainless, Glossy)American Artistry (Stainless, Satin)American Colonial (Stainless, Satin)
American Freedom (Stainless, Satin, 1976)American Harmony (Stainless, Glossy)Amsterdam (Stainless, Glossy Bowl, Partial Satin Handle)
Anderson (Stainless, Satin)Anthem (Stainless, Satin)Apollonia (Glossy, Stainless)
Applique (Stainless, Glossy, Perforated Handle)Aquarius (Stainless, Glossy)Arrys (Stainless, Satin Checker Board)
Artistic (Silverplate, 1940, Wm A Rogers)Ashmore (Stainless, Burnished)Astair (Stainless, Glossy)
Augusta (Stainless, Satin Center Handle)Autumn Glow (Stainless, Burnished)Avery (Stainless, Glossy)
Avondale II (Stainless, Glossy, China)Axis (Stainless, 18/8, USA)Azalea (Stainless, Glossy)
Ballad (Silverplate, 1953)Bancroft (Stainless, Glossy)Barcelona (Stainless, Glossy Scrolls)
Baroque Rose (Silverplate, 1881 Rogers)Baton Rouge (Stainless, Glossy, Northland)Beethoven (Silverplate, Glossy)
Belcourt (Silverplate)Bellasana (Stainless, Glossy)Belle Rose (Stainless, Glossy)
Bennington (Silverplate, Glossy)Benson (Stainless, Glossy, Fiddle Shaped Handle)Berkeley Square (Stainless, Glossy)
Berkshire (Silverplate, 1932)Bianco Frost (Stainless, 18/10, Satin Handle /w Glossy Crown)Bird of Paradise (Silver Plate)
Bittersweet / Repose (Stainless, Glossy)Bordeaux (Stainless, Glossy)Bordeaux (Silverplate, Prestige Plate)
Bourbon (Stainless, Glossy)Boutonniere (Stainless, Glossy)Brahms (Stainless, Glossy)
Brahms (Silverplate)Briarwood (Stainless, Glossy)Bridal Wreath (Silverplate, 1950)
Bristol (Stainless, Glossy)Brittany Rose (Silverplate, WM A Rogers, 1948)Brookwood (Stainless, W.M. Dalton, Wm A Rogers)
Brookwood/Banbury (Silverplate, 1881 Rogers, 1950)Butler (Stainless, Glossy, w/ Outline Bands)Cabana (Stainless, Glossy)
Calla Lily (Stainless, Glossy)Calm (Stainless, Glossy)Camber (Stainless, Glossy)
Camlynn / Cleo (Stainless, Satin Handle)Cannon (Stainless, Glossy)Cantata (Stainless, Glossy)
Capistrano (Stainless Burnished)Capri Silverplate (1935)Caprice (Nobility Plate)
Carlene (Stainless, Glossy)Carly / Cantata (Stainless, Glossy)Carolina (Stainless, 18/10, Glossy, 2008)
Carolina (Stainless, Glossy, Northland)Cassina (Stainless, Glossy)Castellina (Stainless, Glossy /w Raised Scroll Hollow Handles)
Caswell (Stainless, Glossy)Catalina (Decorators, Stainless, Glossy)Cebra (Stainless, Glossy)
Celebrity (Stainless, Glossy, SSS)Cella ( Stainless, Glossy )Cello (Stainless, Satin)
Chalice/Harmony (Silverplate, 1958)Chandelier (Stainless, Glossy)Chateau (Stainless, Glossy)
Chateau (SilverPlate)Chatelaine (Stainless, Glossy)Chatelaine / Park Lane (Silverplate, William A. Rogers, 1957)
Chef's Table (Stainless, Glossy)Cherbourg (Stainless, Glossy)Cherie (Stainless, Glossy)
Chevron (Stainless, Satin) ExcellentChroma (Stainless, 18/10, Glossy)